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To say home improvement has exploded over the last few decades would be an understatement. The abundance of retail stores, TV shows, websites and apps dedicated to home improvement all give rise to overwhelming choices in projects, styles, materials, and resources available.  Nordic Construction & Design is here to be your navigation tool on the remodeling highway.  We believe education is the first step, so we’ve created a wealth of information to help guide your way.  We hope you enjoy the ride!

Recent News

Homeowners BEWARE!

If you’ve owned a home for more than a couple years, chances are you have received solicitations in the mail to buy or sell your property.  Lots of hungry agents often use this type of marketing strategy to obtain new clients. The letters usually explain how the agent has ready-and-willing clients to buy your property for perhaps a desirable price.  But, BEWARE!

Oftentimes, these are just stabs in the dark to encourage you to make a call to them.  You will be engaging with a total stranger who wants you to trust a very important decision to chance.  Would you trust your retirement savings to a complete stranger because they sent you a generic letter in the mail?  I hope not.  The decision of whom to engage to sell your home should be significant. We are glad you landed on our website, and hope you will look around and get to know us.  We look forward to working with you!

2020 Home Remodeling Costs in San Diego are UP!

Home improvement costs may be on the rise, but so is return on investment. In fact, average remodeling costs in San Diego are one of the highest in the nation.  But the good news is money invested wisely in your home can add to your resale value and be recouped at a higher rate than most other areas in the country.